Mains transformer 300-0-300V @100mA 6.3V@1A 6.3V@2A CT (Mullard 5-10 Mono or 3-3 Stereo)


300V – 0 – 300V 100mA

6.3V @ 2A Centre tapped

6.3V @ 1A

Incorporated copper screen for electrostatic noise reduction, and safety.

Designed and tested to European standards.

Datasheet at Datasheet

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An excellent transformer designed primarily for the Mullard 5-10 mono amplifier.

It will happily power a stereo Mullard 3-3 amplifier alone, without the pre-amp.

HT winding: 300v – 0 – 300V @ 100mA

Rectifier winding: 6.3V @ 1A

Heater winding 6.3V @ 2A Centre tapped

Made from high quality Grain orientated steel for low loss, and so less heat

Concentric wound construction.

Flying leads.

European primary 220V, 230V, 240V and 250V.

Incorporating an electrostatic shield for reduction of coupled noise from primary to secondary.

Conservatively designed to allow for continued amplifier overload conditions.

Built and tested to safety standard BS EN 61558-1 2005

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Weight 2.3 kg


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