Mullard 3-3 single ended mono complete kit No valves

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The Mullard 3-3 Mono amplifier.
A complete kit of parts to make this fantastic amplifier yourself.

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At last we are proud to announce our Mullard 3-3 Mono amplifier kit. This option is for those who already have the valves they need and so does not contain any valves in the kit.

The kit contains everything you will need to construct one of the best loved amplifiers, everything, every nut, bolt and resistor.

Every component is labeled. and the the kit will contain a comprehensive build manual.

The heart of a good valve amplifier is a good output transformer, and so we have included is our fantastic 3.5W output transformer. these will let your completed amplifier shine, as it should. With deep bass and fantastic treble.

The chassis is designed to emulate the original design. But here we use 2mm thick aluminium. With welded seams. The outside of the chassis has been powder coated in gloss black. This provides a superior finish and toughness over painting.

The base is ventilated with slots, and is attached with 8 threaded screws. A fused IEC mains socket is included along with a 2m mains cable.

Valves are not included.
Ceramic sockets used for the rectifier and the EL84. A special skirted socket is used for the EF86.





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