EL84 Single ended 3.5W Output transformer (Mullard 3-3)


Mullard 3-3 Single Ended EL84 3W Output transformer

Datasheet available here Datasheet

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A high quality 3.5W Single ended output transformer. Designed for the Mullard 3-3 amplifier but may be used in any single ended design with a valve having an output impedance of 5000 Ohms, such as an EL84.


50mA DC current
Multi section winding, for reduced leakage inductance.


Inductance 24H at 25Hz.
Leakage inductance 15mH


Wide bandwidth, 20-30KHz. (-1dB)


Output impedance 4,8 and 16 Ohms.


High quality Grain Orientated M6 0.35mm.
Hand laminated for the best stacking factor, and accuracy.

Winding wire

Double coated Grade 2 enamelled copper wire.
Wound using CNC winders for highly accurate wire placement and turns count.
Layer wound for excellent wind consistency and alignment resulting in reduced leakage inductance.

Connecting wire – stand up only

High quality PVC 600V
Primary : 24AWG UL1015
Secondary : 20 AWG UL1015


Available in Clamp, Frame, Drop through or stand up versions.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Mounting Type

Stand up, Drop through, Frame, Universal clamp

Output impedance

4, 8 & 16 Ohms, 4 Ohms, 8 Ohms, 16 Ohms


Here are dimensional diagrams for this choke.
Please refer to the relevant key below for the dimensions.


Clamp Drawing Key

Label Description Dimension (mm)
A Width 76
B Height 64
C Depth 57
D Core depth 29
E Mounting distance 92
F Hole width 5

Shroud With Feet Drawing Key

Label Description Dimension (mm)
A Width 64
B Height 78
C Depth 70
D Mounting depth 48
E Mounting width 48
F Hole width 5

Drop through Drawing Key

Label Description Dimension (mm)
A Width 64
B Length 76
C Height 48
D Cutout width 58
E Cutout length 61
F Fixing length 64
G Fixing width 51
H Mounting hole diameter 4.1

Frame Drawing Key

Label Description Dimension (mm)
A Width 67
B Height 79
C Depth 54
D Mounting height 54
E Mounting width 54
F Mounting depth 41
G Overall depth 57
H Mounting hole width 5


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