We at Primary Windings are always keen to offer new transformers at a high standard.

We have been asked many times over the years “Can you wind me a similar transformer to Edcor XYZ please”? Of course we can, they publish all the details and are quite open about the designs.

We have taken these specifications and made them our own, creating an offering you will be keen to build into your next design.

The primaries are fully European. Variable from 220V to 250V in 10V steps. So there is no need to compromise on primary voltages any more with the 2000 series.

Further we have integrated a solid copper screen between the primary and the secondary. This is for safety. However, this also serves to reduce the capacity from the primary to the secondary. This reduces the ability for capacitive EMI to propagate from the primary to the secondary. Which means less high frequency noise on you power rails.

A copper screen being applied to a 2000 series transformer.

Like all our mains transformers, they are fully tested to BS EN 61558-2 and so conform to UKCA and CE safety standards.

Our aim is just to offer the most common designs.

We have also started to update our dimensional drawings

We will be publishing 3D step files for purchase that will allow you to import them into your CAD package, enabling you to visualise how the transformer will look in your design.

Take a look at our current offerings in this series: