Thank you for buying our transformers. We work hard to give you a product that you will still be using many years from now. That is why we give you a 3 year guarantee.

If there is a manufacturing problem with the product you have purchased from us, then we will gladly replace the item with one to the same specification, or if you wish give you a total refund.

In the unlikely event that  you do believe you have found a problem with one of our transformers or wound components, then please tell us.

You can write an email to us at Once we have received your email, we will want to see what has gone wrong, and will ask you to post the item back to us. The shipping costs, will be refunded to you, once we have examined the component, and confirmed that there is a problem due to manufacture.

The data sheets that go with the components we sell give figures for a particular load current. these figures should not be exceeded. This guarantee will be considered void if loads exceeding the specifications have been used, which result in the degradation, destruction and/or failure of the component.

If you ever have a question about using one of our components, please write to us at and we will be happy to help you.