PWHT04 300V @ 320mA, 6.3V @ 3A


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European primary voltage selection: 220V, 230V, 240V and 250V

300V 320mA, 6.3V 3A CT Secondary

Primarily intended for use with bridge rectifiers.

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A superb quality multipurpose transformer for any valve project.

Hand made in the United Kingdom
Comprises a 300V HT secondary.
The 6.3V heater winding is centre tapped.
Constructed using high grade grain orientated M6 0.35mm laminations, for lower loss.
Double insulated.
Flash tested at 4.6KV,
Separate primary and secondary windings for  safety.
European primary voltages selectable from 220V,  230V, 240V and 250V.
Secondaries: 300V 320mA, 6.3V 3A centre tapped
Voltages quoted are at full load on all secondaries.
Better than 10% regulation.
Please ensure you are familiar with working with high voltages when using this component.

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